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Stenflex gummikompensator | AS-1

  • Orange/ blue universal expansion joint DN 40, DN 65, DN 80, DN 100 · PN 16

    Red/ blue  DN 40, DN 80, DN 100, DN 125, DN 150 · PN 16

    Universal expansion joint, consisting of a rubber bellows and rotable flanges. Steel wire cord reinforcement.


    Orange rubber grade: EPDM

    • Applications: Hot water, acids, lyes

    Red rubber grade: NBR

    • Applications: Oil



    • for reducing thermal and mechanical tension in pipes and their system components, e.g. 

    • pumps 
    • compressors  
    • motors

    • for muffling vibration and noise
    - at appliances
    - in cooling water and lub oil pipes

    • for compensating axial, lateral and angular movement

    • to compensate for installation inaccuracies

    • to meet fire protection regulations shipbuilding industry

    • in heating plants


    Rubber bellows PN 16

    Highly elastic molded bellows in various rubber grades

    Steel wire cord reinforcement

    Wire- reinforced self-sealing rubber rim

    Electrical impedance < 100 OHM (DIN IEC 93, VDE 0303-30)


    Technical design

    Max.perm. operating pressure: 16 bar*

    Max. perm. temperature: +130*C

    Bursting pressure: DN > 50 bar

    Vacuum operation:

    - DN 20-50 without vacuum supporting ring,

    - DN 65-400 with vacuum supporting ring


    Corrosion protection

    Standard: electrogalvanized

    Others: hoot-dip galvanized, special varnish, special coating etc.

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